Delight Box provides robust support for businesses and logistics companies in Dubai and UAE through flexible, value-driven warehousing solutions that can be tailored to specific client requirements. If you are looking for storage services that deliver superior quality at an affordable price, partner with Delight Box today.

The premier warehouse for storage in Dubai

As a leading self-storage provider in the UAE, we at Delight Box have extended our services to include sizeable warehouse solutions that can meet even the most demanding business needs. Our flexible storage services allow clients to rent out as much, or as little warehouse space as they need, for as long as they need it, depending on their requirements.

We have a fully-equipped warehouse facility in Dubai that houses individually lockable units. This enables customers to utensils compartmentalized storage spaces based on the specific requirements of their business. Each individual space is fitted with an industry standard pallet racking system, which can withstand heavy duty use without any problems.

Unit sizes vary from 25 cubic ft. to 2,00 cubic ft., which lends an incredible range of options for clients to choose from. Upgrades are readily available, if the client finds a need to expand, and so are downgrades, if the situation demands conversely.

For security purposes, clients are issued individual access keys to their dedicated units, which can only be obtained from Delight Box. This allows for easy and direct access to the storage units, even without a prior scheduled appointment. A CCTV network is also operational 24/7 to keep watch over the entire facility.

Other safety and security features include access control and monitoring, and fire detection and alarm systems.

Flexible payment options for warehouse storage

Units can be leased on a monthly basis, with flexible payment modes ideal for:

Monthly payments can be made via a variety of payment channels, from credit cards to bank transfers, allowing clients to manage their budget easily.

Whether for personal or commercial use, our warehouse for storage in Dubai offers a flexible, affordable, and accessible solution to every need.

Avail a personalized warehouse storage solution today

Our highly trained personnel are on hand to provide assistance or guidance to you. We can even handle your packing and storage supplies on site.

For a personal consultation, call us or click on the Contact Us link and we will ensure we will provide the perfect warehouse to rent in Dubai for your needs.

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