Best Residentials Storage In Dubai

To find the best storage company for your household storage needs may not be as easy as you think and, if you’re moving or relocating on top of that, the whole task might seems stressful and overwhelming. What is size the is more suitable for your house hold storage needs? Should you get a temperature controlled unit? How about the packing material and packing it? How safe and secure the storage is?

Box storage  is the answer to all your questions .We are your one stop storage and logistics solutions.

What to do you have your house or flat is full of furniture but no space to store it while you’re relocating, renovating or temporarily- downsizing to a smaller place? – Finding additional extra storage in your home can be a challenge and can create a nightmare. At Delight Box , we offer a variety of furniture storage options to give your items  the space they need. Simply call us or book online and our expert crew of will pack collect and store you house hold furniture.

We fully understand that everyone’s storage needs are special to them. That’s why we offer unique furniture storage options for your ease of use.

Lockable Storage

Delight Box  Lockable storage units make great short term or long term storage options for your furniture. Store different types items like couches- and sofas, dining room sets, bedroom sets etc. Lockable storage units keep your furniture parts safe from the elements like dust or dirt, storing your items with care until it is needed again.

Climate Controlled Storage

Temperature controlled storage are the best option for when you’re searching for   storing your furniture long term. Some of the furniture, like wooden furniture, may need extra coverage from extreme hot and cold temperatures. That’s why we offer the option of climate controlled storage service to make sure your furniture is in pristine condition.

Suitcase and luggage storage

At Delight Box you can store your suitcases or luggage if you are going on holiday or vacations. We provide short term and long term storage on  daily,weekley, monthly and yearly contracts that include pickup and delivery.


Packing and packing material

Delight Box  provides quality packing materials like boxes, bubble wraps .stretch films etc. .our expert team of movers and packers pack, collect and store your items and will deliver it when it is need back.

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